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This is the home of the famous Call Centre Helper Reference Guides. Each of these guides is a living collaborative guide, authored and edited by a panel of leading industry experts.

Workforce Management Reference Guide

Workforce Management Reference Guide

This is the latest addition to our reference guides and is an in-depth look at Workforce Management Software

  • It covers over 22 topic areas in the first release, with a second release already scheduled
  • This is a collaborative project supported by nearly all the key market players

Click here to view the Workforce Management Reference Guide

Call Recording and Speech Analytics Reference Guide

call recording guide

This is our biggest reference guides and is an in-depth look at Call Recording And Speech Analytics

  • It covers over 54 topic areas and is currently on its second release

Click here to view the Call Recording and Speech Analytics Reference Guide

Outbound Dialling Reference Guide

The Outbound Dialling Reference Guide has proven to be very poular and features over 36 content areas. It is already in it’s second version and a third version is on the books.

Click here to view the Outbound Dialling Reference Guide

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To keep the quality and integrity of this wiki editing has been restricted to a limited number of people in the call centre community. If you would like editing rights please contact Jo on the Newsdesk

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Views - 19,255

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