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We are about to implement call back technology onto our IVR. I am interested in hearing from anybody that has already been through this process. I want to know what uptake we can expect in terms of the percentage of customers who will opt for a call back. Also, does this percentage change over time?

Thanks for any help you can give

Posted - 2nd April

We currently offer call back directly to our customers.

We do this by simply having a message which says
'We are currently experiencing a long hold time, Why not get us to call you back when you reached front of queue' we then have a part which says 'We call you within in the next X & X Mins'

We have a lot people take this up as they like it than listening to our jazzy music and messages.

Posted - 5th April

If you are announcing the estimated wait time before offering the callback you should expect to see around a 50% take up when wait time is 2-minutes.

When wait time is higher you will expect to see a much higher take up. We've seen clients with an 80%+ take up when wait time is 30-minutes or more.

If your organisation or business is such that you get regular or repeat callers then you will expect to see take up rate increase over time as your callers' faith in the service increases, assuming that you are keeping the promise and calling people back when you say you will.

Posted - 25th April

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