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I am trying to understand how many contact centres are predicted to exist for the US and the UK and of the contact centres what percentage are small (0-50 agents) medium (50-200) and large (200+). Does anyone know or know of articles that might help me? Thanks in advance for any help.

Posted - 9th April

For the UK the best figures come from Steve Morrell of Contact Babel. If you contact Steve he would probably have the latest figures.

The last figures were 1 Million people in 5200 contact centres.

Globally I would guestimate between 10 and 20 million people employed.

Posted - 9th April


Thank you for your response. Do you know what percentage of the 1 million are employed in small (0-50 agents) contact centres. Are the majority in medium to large?

Thanks for your time.

Posted - 11th April

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