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Hello All

Just been hearing about a certfication a contact centre can gain via a company called COPC Inc that apparently demonstrates that they give excellent customer service.

Has anyone heard of this or have this certification?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted - 30th July


I had an opportunity to be a part of COPC certification and re certification for Citigroup Global Services Ltd. (India)
Its a very high standard certification process which a call centre can achieve and once certified the centre has to be recertified every 2 years to ensure the quality standards are maintained and improved which is more demanding than the initial certification process.

Basically it requires the process managers to keep a track of all Key performance metrics, with proper explanation and justification and evidence to back up claims.
When I was a part of Quality monitoring during initial COPC certification, we had to ensure that we had a procedure document in place (with proper client approval) detailing how the process would run and action plan to ensure smooth functioning of any pitfalls. Of course the process managers and supervisors are required to know everything in details as the assessors would be questioning them on their ability to know and understand it and show evidences that actions were taken as per the procedure document. You also need to know the calculations regarding how the targets were set, sampe size determinations, details on quality monitoring grid and points alloted for each parameter and the logic behind the same, what are fatal errors and non fatal errors, why are they classified so, what action plans are in place to prevent process and agent level errors, action plan to avoid them.

Initial certification is out of total 2000 points and you require 1800 to clear the certification
KPI carries the maximum points in our case its was Service Level Agreements and evidences showing they met the standards required and agreed by clients, times when they were missed with proper reasoning and document evidence of actions taken to avoid the same in future, few other parameters are forecasting and planning, schedule adherance, quality monitoring and feedback documentation, information security etc.

Evidence needs to be shown for past 12 months, and worforce needs to be aware of basic process level requirements as well as they would be questioned to check on same.

Its vast they also have a big manuals which you would get detailing all these requirements this you can order or wolud be given if you centre would be going for certification.

John Pereira

Posted - 31st July

Wow fantastic, thank you so much for the information John, I really appreciate it.

At first I thought it was purely down to the quality monitoring department but its across the whole business. So that is really good to know.

Again if any one has any other experiance of going through this procedure and can add any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Posted - 2nd August

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