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Hi All just thought i would share some different ideas we have collated and used for an Olympic themed incentive in the contact centre.

Opening Ceremony - Best decorated Bank wins - each team picks a country out of the hat to represent and decorates their bank to that theme.

100m RC Race - Using 1 or 2 remote controlled cars race around a predefined course in the office, top 3 fastest times win

Discus Hoopla - Using the hoopla set 3 highest scores win. (in the event of a tie there will be a hoopla off)

Paper Aeroplane Javelin - Each team must create a paper plane made only of paper A3 or smaller. Nominated person stands on the line and furthest planes win

Archery - Throwing paper balls into waste paper baskets at different distances top 3 win

Synchronised office chair swivel - (my favourite) Needs no real introduction just someone/people to judge

RC Long Jump - Furthest jump in a RC car on a home made ramp

Shooting - If you have whiteboards you can use the toy guns that shoot the sticky bullets, these work very well on whiteboards.

Boxing & Volley Ball - You would need a WII or X Box for this.

Table Tennis - You can by a set online which gives you a net, 3 balls and two bats that you can use on a normal office table, got mine for £2.49

Triathlon - A combination of 3 events, starting with the 100m RC race, followed by 10ft Shooting and finished with Bin archery.

Rock, Paper, Scissors judo - explains itself.

Hope these help and i would welcome other suggestions for some fun office safe game ideas.

Posted 3 years ago

Great ideas. I wonder if anyone has any ideas for the winter Olympics?

Posted 2 years ago

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