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Latest Call Centre Jobs

Team Manager - Multi Channel Midlands 21-10-2014
Resource Planning Analyst Northamptonshire 21-10-2014
Business Development Manager - Collections London 21-10-2014
Senior Customer Contact Manager West Midland 21-10-2014
Operations Manager - Customer Retention Midlands 21-10-2014
Operations Manager - Customer Service Midlands 21-10-2014
Project Manager Chorley, Adlington 20-10-2014
Senior Project Manager Leeds, West Yorkshire 20-10-2014
Customer Operations Manager (Business to Business) Sunderland 20-10-2014
111 Call Handler Milton Keynes 20-10-2014
Head of Operations Midlands 20-10-2014
Contact Centre Manager Sales & Service South East 20-10-2014
Resource Planning Analyst West Midlands 20-10-2014
Scheduling Manager Glasgow 17-10-2014
German Speaking Customer Support Executive Leeds 17-10-2014
Complaints Manager/Operations (Contact Centre) Buckinghamshire 17-10-2014
Real Time Planning Manager Manchester 16-10-2014
Scheduling Analyst East Midlands 16-10-2014
Forecasting Analyst East Midland 16-10-2014
Scheduling/Planning Manager (Contact/Call Centre) Scotland 16-10-2014
Senior Resource Planning Manager (Contact/Call Centre) Multiple Sites (Scotland Birmingham and Wales as a base) 16-10-2014
Head of Customer Service UK multi-site locations and travel required. 16-10-2014
Head of Digital Customer Operations UK will need flexibility to travel 16-10-2014
Process Improvement Manager (Contact Centre) South West 16-10-2014
Service Delivery Manager Buckinghamshire 15-10-2014
Strategic Planning Manager Livingston 15-10-2014
Pricing Analyst Midlands 15-10-2014
Complaints Manager/Operations (Contact Centre) Buckinghamshire 15-10-2014
Head of Customer Care (Contact Centre) South West 15-10-2014
CRM Manager Buckinghamshire 15-10-2014
MI Analyst Buckinghamshire 15-10-2014
MI Analyst Sheffield 15-10-2014
Resource Planning Analyst (Contact Centre Multi-Channel) South East 15-10-2014
Planning Specialist Scotland 14-10-2014
Senior Telesales Manager Bristol 14-10-2014
Operations Manager (Senior Contact Centre Manager) Midlands 14-10-2014
Senior Billing & Collections Operations Manager: B2B West Midland 14-10-2014
Quality Assurance Coaches x 2 Surrey 14-10-2014
Business Analyst North West - Flexible 14-10-2014
Solutions Lead North West - Flexible 14-10-2014
Senior Forecasting Analyst Glasgow 13-10-2014
Resource Planning Analyst Northampton 13-10-2014
Sales Support Manager Cheshire 13-10-2014
Telephone Interviewer Stockport 13-10-2014
Business Intelligence Manager Bristol 13-10-2014
Senior MI Analyst (Contact Centre) Bedfordshire 13-10-2014
Operations Managers x15 Leeds 10-10-2014
Business Change Analyst South Yorkshire 10-10-2014
Resource Planning Manager North West 10-10-2014
Business Development Manager North West 10-10-2014
Real Time Manager Sheffield 09-10-2014
Real Time Manager Sheffield 09-10-2014
Scheduling Analyst Leeds 09-10-2014
Store Manager Retail/Sales Slough 09-10-2014
Real Time Manager (Performance Management) Bolton 09-10-2014
Process Improvement Manager Manchester 08-10-2014
Forecasting & MI Manager East Midlands 08-10-2014
Team Manager Bristol 08-10-2014
Customer Relations Manager Midlands/South East (Northants/Bucks) 08-10-2014
Operations/Contact Centre Manager £40-45k + Bonus + Benefits 08-10-2014
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