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The Future of Voice in the Contact Centre


We asked our panel about the role voice might play in the contact centre of 2034. 

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Case Study: Concierge Service Improves Personalisation


ContactWorld for Service has enabled Quintessentially Lifestyle to offer a unique and personalised experience.

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White Paper: Why Customers Give You Feedback


More than 2,000 consumers were polled to find out what motivates them to give feedback to organisations. Download this report, written by Martin Hill-Wilson, to discover what’s new about consumer communication habits and expectations.

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Wowcher Transforms Customer Experience


Wowcher has improved its customer experience with a NewVoiceMedia solution. 

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What They Don’t Tell You About the Cloud


In this article our experts reveal some of the lesser-known features of the cloud.

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Winners and Losers – July 2014


This month we bring you news from mplsystems, Interactive Intelligence, Aspect Software, NewVoiceMedia, HGS and Webhelp UK.

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21 Great Ways to Personalise Your Customer Interactions


Here are some great ways to personalise your customer interactions and improve the customer experience.

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43 Things You Should NOT Do With Your IVR Messages


An Interactive Voice Response system can be a great way to filter customers through to the right agent, but it’s easy to get it wrong. Here are the most common pitfalls.

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55% of Customers Fear Being Put on Hold


NewVoiceMedia has revealed that 55% of customers won’t call a business for fear of being kept on hold.

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What Is a Simple Way to Ensure Customer Loyalty? – in Less Than 140 Characters


We asked our Twitter panel “What is a simple way to ensure customer loyalty?”

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