69% Randomly Select Calls for Agent Evaluations

Business Systems have found that more than two-thirds of contact centres randomly select calls for agent evaluations.

With hundreds of calls being dealt with per agent per week, asking evaluators to pinpoint the calls which are truly going to add value and insight by random call selection is like asking someone to find a needle in a haystack – virtually impossible.

The ‘How Contact Centres are using Quality Monitoring’ report, incorporating survey results from over 100 contact centre professionals, also found that 8% of respondents are not evaluating any of their calls, while only 18% are getting around to evaluating more than ten calls. 31% of respondents stated they evaluate 1-3 calls, whilst, coming in at the majority, 43% opted for 4-10 calls per agent per month.


The majority of contact centres monitor 4-10 calls per agent per month

Only 12% are following best practice in evaluating calls that are deviating from the norm, 14% are asking agents to tag calls with notes for relevance and 5% are asking agents to pinpoint the calls they believe are the most insightful.

Understandably, and as any contact centre will appreciate, the monitoring and evaluation of agent calls is an extremely resource-hungry and time consuming process, so evaluating 4 calls per month per agent comes in at a decent amount. However, when these calls are randomly selected with no clear structure in place as to why they were chosen, call evaluation becomes a pointless exercise, particularly when a small sample is being analysed.


Only 5% of contact centres ask agents to recommend the calls they listen to.

The typical contact centre is a hive of commotion, with agents being tasked to meet demanding targets, and team leaders/supervisors keeping on top of task lists. With the average annual attrition rate coming in at 24%, and in some cases reaching 43%, it is easy to see how call evaluation has slipped down the ever growing list of priorities for contact centres.

Brent Bischoff

“This reports highlights that Quality Monitoring hasn’t really changed for the last 15 years. Considering the advances in contact centre technologies such as audio analytics and QM integration with other contact centre systems such as CRM, it’s surprising that contact centres aren’t taking advantage of these,” said Brent Bischoff, QM Consultant and Training Expert at Business Systems. “With the Internet, customers now have so many touchpoints that affect the service they receive and just evaluating a small sample of calls won’t provide a realistic view of the customer experience. For QM to advance to the next level from just focusing on agent evaluation to evaluating the entire customer experience, contact centres need to invest in the technology that allows the overall experience to be easily tracked and evaluated.”

Published On: 15th Apr 2015 - Last modified: 2nd Nov 2017
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  1. Great article, as yes we manually pull calls each month for evaluation and it takes days with interruptions and 20+ agents asking questions. Does anyone have technology they can recommend that they use in place of randomly pulling calls?

    Stefanie 16 Apr at 7:43 pm
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