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We share great ideas for building report with angry customers, starting with a video before sharing even more expert advice.


The results are officially in and you can now download our popular, annual report that delves into how contact centres are delivering great service to the modern customer.

The digital customer service universe is evolving rapidly. Contact centre adoption and support for first generation digital channels such as Email and Web Chat, including video chat and co-browsing, is growing very rapidly. Mobile Apps, while tightly tied to mainstream adoption of smartphones, have been around for a while and are gaining traction, even though contact centre support has been lagging behind consumer adoption.

The Inner Circle Guides are a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions.

Understanding the difference between customer experience and customer service, and how they work together, is crucial to improving your brand loyalty, customer service metrics and revenue.

Speech analytics technology has never been more accessible to organisations of all sizes, and it has the potential to:

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