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Empowering businesses to revolutionise the way in which they enhance their agent and customer journey. With no integration required, set-up is straightforward and simple.

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Scoring calls and transcripts has never been so easy with AuditWise.

Move away from clunky spreadsheets and complex formulas to easy-to-build scorecards and powerful reports. Personalised dashboards provide supervisors with an overview of their teams’ performance whilst agents can view their latest scores and recognition and even request feedback.

AuditWise has proven to be a great solution to many of our customers, helping them:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce regulatory risk and associated penalties with compliance reporting
  • Reduce attrition levels through increased employee engagement
  • Maximise sales through focused coaching and feedback
  • Increase staff motivation through gamification

With over 30 years of customer service and call centre management experience and a further 20 years of working in a regulated environment, we are perfectly placed to support your business in the implementation of quality monitoring and driving results. We listen to the feedback of our customers and continually develop our solution in line with new requirements. We ensure that we are proactive in our updates and support.

To see how AuditWise can help your business and arrange your free demonstration, please visit or call us now on 01880 28 28 20

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