Case study : Honda Cars

Honda’s UK Customer Care team are driven by the provision of excellent customer service.Operators handle a large volume of calls in regard to a variety of car models, and queries are wide ranging. Customers call in regard to accessories, colours or dimensions, or may equally be calling for help with technical queries such as engine specification, satnav instructions and puncture repairs.

Given the nature of the enquiries dealt with by the team, Honda felt Zype’s person2person tool could offer a valuable new dimension to their customer service.  With p2p, operators would be able to take callers to a Honda branded website, where they could show them videos, pictures, tables and other assets, from a vast library of choice, bespoke to the customer’s needs. As a result of this resource, operators would be able to help customers on a very personal level, heightening the customer experience.


Initially trialled following the launch of the new Jazz, person2person has now been rolled out to include every Honda car model.

Customer comments are very positive. Direct quotes from the team include:

“The customer was interested in a 6-seater car as expecting her 4th baby. Her husband was really concerned as he didn’t want a large MPV and thought they’d never be able to go away anymore! They were both really happy when I showed them pictures of the FRV and talked about the size. They were reassured and really happy with the person2person service.”

“The customer was talking about Motability and I asked if she wanted to see some pictures.  She was really enthusiastic and really enjoyed the presentation. She had already ordered a brochure but was waiting for it to arrive.”

“The pictures really helped to talk the customer through the range of models available and the customer was impressed with the quality.  It definitely heightened his customer experience.”

Person2person has now been successfully deployed and forms an ongoing part of Honda’s customer care strategy.

Published On: 18th Feb 2009 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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