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Is it possible for an organisation to transform its customer experience and dramatically increase efficiency in only eight weeks? According to SHL, it is.

By standardising on NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Salesforce, this global leader in talent management has increased customer satisfaction from 3.95 to 4.5 (on a scale of 1-5), achieved 95 percent first time resolution, and shaved an average of 15 seconds off each of the 124,000 annual calls.

Deployed and operational in only eight weeks, NewVoiceMedia’s cloudbased contact centre technology integrates seamlessly with SHL’s Salesforce CRM system, allowing the company to run its entire inbound sales and customer service business using lean hosted technology. SHL provides behavioural and ability assessment tools and services in 30 languages. The company’s mission is to demonstrably improve the effectiveness of organisations through objective measurement, and with operations in more than 50 countries and across more than 30 languages, SHL supports people decisions in more languages and more countries than any other talent management provider.

Headquartered in the U.K., SHL was founded in 1977 and serves up to 10,000 customers globally each year. Historically, SHL supported its customers via service desks in more than 20 offices worldwide. This not only proved expensive to operate, it also made it very difficult to deliver a consistently compelling and rewarding service experience, and there was no analytical reporting mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of the global operation.

Provide consistency of support and optimise efficiency

Challenged to restructure costs and revaluate service standards, SHL decided to bring its service desk offering in-house in a bid to provide consistency of support and optimise efficiency. Many of the offices had as few as two call handlers, and it was not  commercially viable to sustain this modus operandi. To this end, SHL took the strategic decision to consolidate its service desks from the multiple, fragmented environments to just three: one in Stockholm (to service the Nordics customer base), one in the U.K. to support European, Middle east, and Asia Pacific customers (swimming against the tide, even Indian calls would be covered from the U.K.!), and one in the U.S. dedicated to the North and South America market. A South African hub is due to come online soon. All would use uniform standards and processes.

Jag Tucker

Jag Tucker

The objectives didn’t end there. SHL also wanted a system which would process calls seamlessly round the clock from more than 20 countries into the U.K. hub; agents also needed the flexibility to recognise where the call was coming from prior to the customer engagement. However, according to Jag Tucker, Global Front Office Operations Manager, SHL, one of the most demanding requirements was time to market. “To ensure we delivered a consistently rewarding service experience, we wanted the solution to be deployed within an eight weeks timeframe – from design to implementation,” he says. “It also had to meet robust budget targets and disaster recovery objectives.”

This is where NewVoiceMedia comes in. SHL selected the ContactWorld platform , an enterprise class contact centre, delivered via a true cloud model, by NewVoiceMedia. The solution seamlessly integrates telephony to Salesforce CRM—the bedrock of SHL’s customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. Unlike a traditional contact centre, where the hardware can be expensive and takes months to implement, SHL’s hosted contact centre implementation uses a remote cloud-based telephony system to provide the links and call plan intelligence between the caller and agent. SHL didn’t need to pay out any additional capital expenditure; it was able to only pay for what it uses ‘on-demand’. There are also no hidden costs for maintenance as NewVoiceMedia takes full responsibility for the infrastructure.

“NewVoiceMedia’s cloud computing approach made all the difference,” says Jag. “They could number source globally and port or redirect any of the existing SHL numbers to any one of their platforms. The company was willing to meet our time frame of eight weeks from design to implementation, and their costs were considerably less than traditional on-premise providers.”

NewVoiceMedia kept its promise and ensured the cloud-based contact centre technology was installed with all SHL staff trained and operational within the eight weeks deadline. Indeed, the later Salesforce CRM integration was completed in one weekend. None of the other suppliers that SHL evaluated could even contemplate meeting this timeframe.

Increased efficiency and improved caller experience

So how does it work? ContactWorld for Salesforce provides SHL agents with access to a unified, shared, and comprehensive source of customer communication. Users benefit from one, easy to use interface to manage calls, and view all contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities and cases.

Inbound calls are announced to the agent with a link to the caller’s details; and customer data held in Salesforce is used to intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent or team. This dramatically increases SHL’s efficiency and improves the caller experience. The SHL UK agents collectively speak more than 30 languages; ContactWorld for Salesforce identifies the region a call is coming from and directs it to the appropriate agent which speaks that language.

The customers aren’t even aware that this process has taken place as they are speaking to someone who is fluent in their native tongue. They dial a local phone number so for all they know they could be speaking to someone based in France, Germany or India. This allows SHL to provide a world class call centre to support their business. “ContactWorld for Salesforce gives SHL agents a single, easy to use interface to manage calls and customer contact information,” Jag explains. “Value-based routing functionality gets the right agent talking to the caller the first time; returning callers can be prioritised in any queue; and the SHL agents can schedule tasks to make outbound calls. Moreover, individual caller treatments make the caller feel special and increase up-selling/cross-selling opportunities.”

Improved caller intelligence based on Salesforce CRM data

Caller Line Identification (CLID) is one of the key features of ContactWorld for Salesforce that supports the SHL team. When an inbound call is connected, agents are presented with a pre-populated display with the caller’s details, based on data held in Salesforce CRM. This results in time and cost savings, and enhances the service to SHL’s customers . “When SHL deployed CLID it saved 15 seconds on call time. Based on SHL’s 124,000 annual call volume, this is equivalent to saving 512 hours or 0.3 headcount,” says Jag.

This cloud-based, multi-tenant approach has other advantages, allowing SHL agents to log on and take calls from wherever they are in the world, so long as they have Web access. During the snow storms in the U.K. in 2010, for example, many agents were housebound. However, they were able to log onto the ContactWorld platform remotely and deal with calls as if they were in the office. By standardising on the NewVoiceMedia cloud-based contact centre solution, SHL has been rewarded with a raft of other benefits:

  • Increased agent satisfaction: SHL has experienced only four percent staff turnover since introducing ContactWorld for Salesforce
  • More than 90% of calls answered within 20 seconds globally
  • Led to average 1.3 percent call abandon rate
  • Reduced average call waiting time to only 14 seconds globally
  • Achieved 95 percent first time resolution
  •  Led to speedier calls and informed greeting to a known customer before they have given any contact details
  • All intelligent voice recognition (IVR) voice prompts have been transformed to a new streamlined approach with professional recording artists
  • Reliable service delivery: calls can be redirected seamlessly anywhere in the world in a few clicks

Published On: 6th Jul 2011 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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