Case Study: UK Digital Cameras enhances it’s customer service

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UK Digital Cameras relies on first-class customer service for its continuing success. When customers contact the online retailer  they expect a fast response from knowledgeable, efficient and polite call agents.

That’s why the company turned to NewVoiceMedia to help keep pace with customer demand and improve its overall Quality of Service. NewVoiceMedia’s unique, effective and flexible on-demand contact centre technology ensures prompt, accurate receipt of customer orders, fast turnaround and the timely delivery of product.

The challenge

“On the original BT Call Feature system we started with in 2001 we had call handling issues,” says Andrew Showman, Managing Director of UK Digital Cameras. “Customers got engaged tones, there was no call queuing, and we couldn’t offer any call menu options. Also we used a third party call centre to handle overflow calls when our lines were busy, which proved to be very expensive.”

“So we moved to a VOIP system. In terms of call queuing and routing and call statistics they were okay, but the line quality was poor. Customers were forced to call back. IP was quick to set up and cheap to run, but calls slowed down and our agents got frustrated because it took them a lot longer to deal with calls due to the quality issues.”

The solution

Now with ContactWorld, NewVoiceMedia’s on-demand contact centre solution, call agents rely on a consistently high quality line. NewVoiceMedia’s solution resides off premises in a data centre and delivers calls through the Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN), mobile networks and over the Internet. Call agents connect to the telephony system from a PC or laptop via a web browser.

“The new system brings considerable advantages,” says Andrew Showman. “We can record all calls for training and dispute resolutions, queue calls, get stats on staff time spent on the phone, route calls to our agents (4-5 at the moment) and enjoy better line quality than the VOIP system. Staff are happier and the system is cheaper too.”

Cheaper to run

Because the new system is subscription-based UK Digital Cameras avoids the overheads associated with implementing conventional software. The fee the company pays is based on the number of its customers so it’s easy to incorporate into a budget. “ContactWorld is network-based so we pay for what we use. There are no hidden costs such as annual maintenance charges, and we’ve moved the infrastructure out so our staff are working in a more cost-effective way. And we no longer use the expensive third party to handle overflow calls because there aren’t any,” adds Andrew Showman.

Easier to manage

UK Digital Cameras now responds quickly to day to day changes in the business, for example by adding new call agents or introducing fresh call plans. In fact, the system is so flexible and easy to manage they can make changes themselves without any extra training. “We can easily add new functionality when we need it,” says Andrew Showman. “The NewVoiceMedia system announces the call queue position automatically. I programmed this myself to queue callers who have phoned when all of our agents are busy with other customers.

It announces their queue position every 30 seconds and gives them an option to press 1 to leave a message if they’d rather not wait. The combination of announcing the queue position combined with the option to leave a message means the amount of abandoned calls per day has plummeted from over 10-15 to just a handful.”

The right step to take

“Moving to NewVoiceMedia was easy,” says Andrew Showman. “All they had to do was show us how to log in and how to make an outbound call. They dealt with all our questions quickly by email and phone from their support centre. Now our staff are 1000% happier and have no call quality issues.”

“We’re also saving money because we’re not paying for the broadband line we used previously with the VOIP system. And we’re more efficient because the onscreen wallboard information is much clearer. At any time, we can see how many agents are logged in and how many callers are waiting in a queue.”

“Over the next 12-18 months we hope to double the number of agents and we know for certain with NewVoiceMedia we can do it in hours,” adds Andrew Showman.

Published On: 10th Aug 2011 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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