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Change your call quality scoring to a star system

Change your call scoring system from a percentage or pass/fail system into a star rating system.  Score calls from 0 Star to 5 Star, just in the same way that hotels work.

3 star should be the minimum acceptable quality level and 5 star should be awarded only for very exceptional contacts.

The hotel comparison is easy for people to understand, and it will stop people from being frustrated when they don’t score a 5 every time.

You can then play the 5-star calls to the rest of the team as an example.

The European Hotel system has a standardised rating for hotels.  There is an entry on the Wikipedia page

If anyone has a version for quality scoring in the contact centre we would love to publish one.

Published On: 3rd Jun 2014 - Last modified: 10th Jul 2017
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  1. What’s the benefit of changing the scoring from 0-5 points to 0-5 stars? I can’t thin of any…

    Ivanovic 15 Sep at 8:47 am
  2. Quality marking should be widely described, one should be able to understand what is incorrect and what exactly one has to do n order to achieve 100% score.
    I personally, didn’t feel good about 5 star marking will be effective.

    yes, you can divide your quality form in to 5 sections, and if a contact is scoring 100% on each of the sections, then yes It can be considered as a 5 star contact.

    what do you say….?

    Gaurav Rana 16 Sep at 9:56 am
  3. I would agree with the star rating if the stars rating would be shown to the agents. I don’t know but psychology of the stars works since we were kids.

    Arvin 1 Sep at 10:32 pm
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