Contact Centre Change Webinar Series

Are you looking for opportunities to improve your contact centre performance? Or perhaps you have a customer experience vision you want to make a reality? If so a transformation project might be on the horizon.

In this webinar series, we will show you how to:

  • Understand your real pain points and what they cost you
  • Transform from outside-in
  • Produce a business case that meets needs as it assures stakeholders

Every business and contact centre is different. We support change projects every day, and have learnt a lot. From avoiding common pitfalls through to cultural acceptance.

Hear tips and advice from industry experts. Chris Rainsforth, The Forum CX industry expert and Ian Harrison Contact Centre Operations Manager at Eurotunnel will share their views.

6 lessons in finding pain points from award-winning CX projects – Available OnDemand

With Chris Rainsforth, CX expert – The Forum

Do you have a customer experience vision? And do you know what it will take to achieve your goal? If a CX project is on the horizon, this webinar is a must. We look at the real cost of projects and the impact they will have on your contact centre.

We look at key lessons learnt from award-winning CX projects. You will learn to:

  • Identify the main drivers of your project
  • Understand the barriers you face
  • Measure the impact
  • Match your contact centre needs to organisation’s priorities
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in from the start
  • Visualise organisation and team success

5 steps to implementing successful contact centre transformation – Tuesday 14th March

With Customer Success Story from Eurotunnel

Every large change project takes time, money and resources. And it’s no secret you want to get the most out of any investment. Our transformational specialist, Jonathan Rapley speaks to Ian Harrison at Eurotunnel about their experience.

We also give our top tips when undergoing any change project. You will learn how to:

  • Focus on what you want to achieve
  • Redesign and create a vision that is achievable
  • Implement for successful cultural adoption
  • Gain useful intelligence to use across the business
  • See benefits across the total organisation

6 tips for creating a successful business case – Tuesday 21st March

With Chris Rainsforth, CX expert – The Forum

Every large change project needs a strong business case to secure budget. However, productivity and performance improvements aren’t always tangible. So how do you prove your ROI?

Our specialist talks to Chris Rainsforth, CX expert from The Forum. He gives us his tips from award-winning CX projects.

  • Measure if the problem has a business case
  • Align with your business strategy
  • Ensure you understand the real issues
  • Meet your stakeholder needs
  • Quantify the benefits across the company
  • Measure success

Sessions will be recorded and released on the above dates

Don’t miss our webinar in association with Call Centre Helper

Don’t miss our webinar in association with Call Centre Helper taking place on Tuesday 28th March. “10 ways to improve customer experience”. In this webinar, we will be looking at different ways to improve the customer experience. From quick wins to deeper structural changes we will be looking at ways to improve the experience that our customers receive.

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