Contact centres in Scotland have grown by 50 per cent

A recent audit of Scotland’s contact centres by Strathclyde University, reveals that contact centres in Scotland have grown by 50 per cent (based on employment) over the past five years and are still continuing to grow rapidly.

In Glasgow alone, 25,000 employees work in a contact centre, making up just over 6 per cent of the population.

“The contact centre industry has always been big business for Scotland and its inherently friendly culture plays a big part in that. We are finding that many organisations are either pulling their contact centres back from overseas or are reducing their in-house costs by outsourcing, and with a renewed emphasis on quality and service delivery, Scotland is in a prime position to capitalise on this and really expand this market.” says Derek Bishop, MD of Abeo Consulting, a customer service and outsourcing consultancy that has extended its support to the Scottish contact centre industry in an effort to boost employment and secure new business.

After several successful visits this year, the management team at Abeo are actively engaged in further discussions with key players in the Scottish contact centre industry. Abeo often assist their clients in selecting outsourced partners and this investment by Abeo in getting to grips with Scotland’s offering is designed to speed up the selection process for their clients.

Jim Mason from Scottish Development International is encouraged by Abeo’s plans and adds “we are very pleased that Derek and his team are investing their time in helping to put Scotland on the map as the home of contact centres and BPO operations. Their track record of success is impressive and I am confident that the Scottish industry will see a real benefit from their involvement.”

Published On: 8th Apr 2009 - Last modified: 11th Sep 2019
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