How to avoid F is for Photo

Be careful with the way that agents spell out words phonetically.

It’s is clearest for everyone if during induction you train all advisors on the proper phonetic alphabet – A for Alpha, B for Bravo, etc.

If you don’t, you will find all sorts of “unofficial” phonetic alphabets coming into use.

While S is for Sugar may be fine, M is for Mickey could easily be confused with N is for Nicky.  Even worse is the F is for Photo, which I recently heard.

For reference, here is the official Nato phonetic alphabet.

A    Alpha
B    Bravo
C    Charlie
D    Delta
E    Echo
F    Foxtrot
G    Golf
H    Hotel
I    India
J    Juliet
K    Kilo
L    Lima
M    Mike
N    November
O    Oscar
P    Papa
Q    Quebec
R    Romeo
S    Sierra
T    Tango
U    Uniform
V    Victor
W    Whiskey
X    X-ray
Y    Yankee
Z    Zulu

This should be taught to all advisors during induction.  It can also be useful for refresher training sessions.

Published On: 19th Aug 2014 - Last modified: 10th Jul 2017
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