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uk affs

hi guys i used to run an internet cafe business im based in west yorkshire. Which company's do i contact or who do i contact to get some work if i was to turn my cafe into a call centre. Ive been reading for a few days now there are people offering ppi lead work etc but is there any company's i can approach for some long term work please help and advice much appreciated thanks!


uk affs

any advice on where i can source clients please?


Call Centre Helper

Hi Arthur

This is a common problem that people have when they have the idea of starting a call centre.

There are a very large number of companies that offer call centre work, both in the UK and also in India, so there is some stiff competition.

The key as with other things in life is to find the right niche. It could be concentrate on debt collection, acting as a switchboad for local businesses, high tech customer support, handling calls for transport companies. This could be making inbound or making outbound calls. Once you have workerd on the niche the next step would be to start calling those companies to do som market research about what their specific requirements are.

Once you know their requirements, you can start pulling together a sales proposal for them.

Once you have signed up one customer it will be a lot easier to find another.

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