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Hello all,

I'm newly into a role of managing a small 24/7 call centre. At present the shifts are a mess with all staff operating 4 on 4 off, this is completely missing the fact that weekends and evenings are considerably busier. Many of the staff have been here for years and reluctant to change, but it has to! Any suggestions on the rota planning to best fit business needs while keeping disruption to a minimum?


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I worked a 7 night on/7 night off pattern for 1 year (72.5 hours in the working week)

It allowed overtime or a week's holiday every fortnight. It was a popular shift as it also paid night allowance .

From a business perspective you get experienced night staff who can handle calls at crazy hours. It generates a lot of comeradery as well.

A 24/7 call centre needs to focus on nights first . Crack them and the days are easy.

P.s 4 days on / 4 off (I presume variable times) sounds a tough sell. I think staff with families would appreciate another few options

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