6 month forecasting

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6 month forecasting
Hi all,

Tricky one. Been a lurker for a while. But thought I would ask something as I can’t think of the best way to do something.

Dilemma, advisors can deal with either a) chat and email or b) call and email.

Question 1). How would you best plan for this over a number of weeks at an interval level. I know the simulation tool is there but I think it only covers a single interval.

Questions 2). How to determine the FTE needed in 6 months time. I have the seasonality and demand volume so happy with that element. What I need some assistance with if the FTE required for that week 6 month down the line. I have currently worked out the total FTE required to service the workload, but how do you account for opening hours? It’s an 8 till 8 site 7 days a week, so how do you determine a rough cut of what FTE is required to service the full week? Without having to do a full daily call pattern with Erlang.

Love the site btw, great content!



Call Centre Helper

Rule of Thumb or Erlang
You have two main options

1 A Rule of thumb. E.g. On average an Advisor can handle 75 contacts a day (you can see the right number from your own stats)

2. A full daily call pattern with Erlang

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