A New Direction in Leadership?

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A fascinating piece of research from the UKs Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development called "Shaping the Future" ( www.cipd.co.uk/shaping the future ) suggests that it's time for leadership to take a new direction and asks "What form of leadership will replace the "heroic" models at the beginning of the 21st Century?"

An example they then go on to use is the TLQ model of "nearby" leadership that says "leader as "servant" and "partner":leadership is a shared process."

I am very interested in how the CCV community reacts to this and welcome your thoughts please.


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Hi Ann-Marie,

Thanks for telling us about this. It is important research. There is another report that complements this well in the McKinsey Quarterly (free if you register) at http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Centered_leadership_How_talented_women_thrive_2193

The essence of both arciles seems to me to be that what works today is behaviour that engages people. Connectedness motivates and empowers.

I think we are moving from the idea of "leadership" as something that some people have (and others don't) have to the idea of leading as something that anyone and everyone can and does do sometimes - and can do more of - wherever they are in the organisation. So you are leading when you connect people or teams to each other or to their context/reality. You are leading when you ask questions that raise people's awareness or make them think differently. You are leading when you engage postively and enthusiastically with the firm or the customer. You are leading when you show interest in others and when you listen deeply to what they say. You are leading when you say clearly what you believe and why and when you seek other views. You are leading when you remove barriers that make it diffcult for people to do their best. You are leading when you integrate different people's views, talents and differences. You are leadng when make people feel conffident and that what they are doing is important. Leaders are peopel who do more leading things. The best leaders develop other leaders by encouraging them to do leading things and they make this their core task.

Jonathan Wilson

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