A Question (or two) About Voice Enabling IVR

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A Question (or two) About Voice Enabling IVR

I've been tasked with researching the benefits of voice enabling (speech recognition) our IVR. We are interested in others experiences with this technology, i.e. does it actually allow callers to complete calls in the IVR that had required an agent previously, and if so what is the approximate increase in the IVR completion rate after voice enabling? If anybody out there has any experiences with this, I would really like a chance to discuss it with them.

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I haven't implemented Speech Recog myself, haven't found a client who wanted it yet. But here is a somewhat similar question I asked on a diff. forum. You might want to ask the people who responded:

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We haven't implemented a system as such in our call centre but , I was tasked to do a feasibility study to evaluate the usage of such a system in Health Care call centres. What I have found was that we got a confidence level of 52 % and success rate of 83 % of all utterances .(Below what we expected and promised by the vendor). We found the software to be feasible (integration with web environments ) however I question the methodology of implementation.
It will not necessarily be quicker or cheaper than normal IVR's . However, the scope of your implementation will be bigger.

The first thing I will identify is the call types , what types of calls -on a first call resolution bases - is seen on mundane and repetitive. Then organise focus groupsto find out if your clients feel the same way. After that the business case qualitative and financial should be more easer.

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