Abandon Rate Analysis and Action Plan

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I’ve been asked by our senior leadership to conduct an analysis of inbound and outbound abandon rates and find coloration with other metrics such as staffing levels, break schedules etc. I have pulled all abandon rates for the past three months and analyzing at what hour the most calls get abandoned. My plan is to compare these to the break schedule for those teams to see if the most abandon calls during break time. I wanted to ask the forum member what other methodologies can I use to conduct this analysis

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I would suggest your first action would be to review the actual staffing levels vs the actual requirement (based on actual volume and aht), the forecasted requirement and also the expected scheduled.

This should give you a picture of where to look next to see what may be causing the issues. It may be as simple as not having sufficient staff in place on your schedules, it could be people not adhering to the schedule, volumes or aht variances from your forecasts etc.

As much as it's possible that you have a bunch of breaks, be careful not to assume that is the cause. It is not unheard of to have bunching in breaks and lunches at times where demand is low (remember, the people calling you may also beon their lunch - it's interesting that in several different industries, you still see a familiar pattern of intra day delivery).

Ultimately the analysis will need to drill down on the propensity of customers to abandon. You may get into reviewing the IVR for example if you find people abandon in a bunch which could be caused by a badly worded message. There's plenty more once you get to that stage!


As you said most of aban is during break then take a review that by what time your expert agent is on break and when is new one. This could be because of expert agent is taking break together and all new would be on calls can results aban.



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