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About erlang calculator
Can you provide erlang calculator formula in Excel format. As I have given input in calculator as below
Volume/day 1000
Aht in seconds 300
Occupancy 80%
Shrinkage 25%
The answer given by calculator is 18 agents required minimum and 22maximum for nswer the calls
When I calculate the same in Excel it gives me total agent requires 16.
I don't know how to find out minimum and maximum.
Please help me out
I have use this formula
(Call volume/day*aht)/occupancy/3600
this gives me total hours
After adding shrinkage 25%
This total 122.53/8 ( 8 is a number of hours of login excluding break)
This given fte count as 15.3

Calculating Staffing
I used the Erlang C calculator on this site and inputted your data. I assumed an 8 hour operating period for your calls and a service level of 80/20.
The summary is as follows:
Maximum Calls per Period (each 1/2 hour) 77
Maximum Number of Agents 24.5
Average Number of Agents 20.3
Average Occupancy 73.3%
Service Level for Day 84.2%
Answered in 20 Seconds
Average Speed of Answer (ASA) 16.2 Seconds
Answered Immediately 79.6%

Some Tips: Calculate the agents needed against a Service Level and the number of hours that you will be in operation for the day. https://www.callcentrehelper.com/tools/erlang-calculator/ .

That will give you an occupancy. If the occupancy is to low for you, then decrease the service level. That will make customers wait longer, but keep your agents busier. Make small adjustments in the calculator until you get the occupancy you want. Then, add more Agent time to cover shrinkage (breaks, meals, sick, meetings, etc).

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