Absence rates in CC

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Absence rates in CC
can anyone share or have some industry data for CC specific absence trends...

eg what are the average absence rates for CC in the UK. demographic splits,
do we see variable absence rates based on work type? Front office to back office, IB to OB.

The office of national stats suggests its around 1.7% absence rates however my gut feels in realty this is always higher in our industry or definitely higher when you look at worktype splits.

anything that anyone can share would be appreciated.


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The A Word
I went to one seminar where Absence was described as "the A word" - something that affects everyone but nobody is talking about.

It seems to be highest on a Monday and also on a Friday.

I have not seen any stats for our industry and not a lot of people will publicly admit there is a problem.

Anecdotally I would have thought around 3% but in some centres it can rise up to 10%.

But absence rates are not the only problem. Someone may have an accident and go off for two weeks.
Take a look at the Bradford Factor - we give the formula here.

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