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Hello all,

I work in an inbound call centre and am responsible for producing forecasts to enable our call centre to reach a benchmark of 90/10. Recently I have been wondering the best way to produce our forecast. At this point it is created based over the previous 6 weeks of data (call volumes and AHT) an average is produced and published 6 weeks in advance, for instance if I produced a forecast today it would be published for early Sept. This can be problematic as the calls that we receive vary based on the seasons. We manually adjust staffing numbers based on any exceptions (public holidays, special events etc) but thats about it.

SO my question is, is there a better way? I have been thinking recently that perhaps a better alternative is looking at the previous years data and adding the % increase of calls and AHT for the year?

Thoughts suggestions?

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Hi Subfuze,

An interesting point you've raised and something that was actually covered in a recent webinar on Call Centre Helper

It had some great tips on accurate forecasting, event simulation and what technology is available to help workforece planners.

I hope this is useful.


Please could you tell me if there is a charge to use this service we havve past the date.

Many thanks



It's free to review.

Just click here

You'll need to enter some details, but, you

can review the entire webinar.



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