ACPD Meaning

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ACPD Meaning
Can you please give me the meaning of ACPD when it comes to total handle time talk time etc.


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After Call Product Documentation?
I think that the AC part stands for After Call, but not sure about the PD.

Could it be ACPD = After Call Product Documentation - so in essence the time that is spend after a call in paperwork getting the documentation together?

In this case that way that this is measured would be the same as ACW (after Call Work) also known as Wrap-up Time.


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Actual Calls Per Day
According to our experts on our LinkedIn Group

ACPD = Actual Calls Per Day - The total number of calls that you took on a particular day

or it could be

ACPD = Average Calls Per Day - The average number of calls that you would get on an average day.

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