Advice for Implementing Cisco IPCC

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Cisco IPCC
Hi Guys,

We are just about to implement IPCC. Does anyone have any words of advice before we start?




Cisco IPCC


How many seats/positions? Inbound/Outbound?
Some installations of IPCC (in Bangalore-India; Transworks, Talisma, Phoenix Global) are there. Each one is having (small?) problems and there are some who doubt whether Cisco IPCC has matured to a level of full functional call center solution (in all respects with predictive dialing, recording etc.,)or some more developements are on.
Installation has to be considered on the type of process to take on.


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Currently 50 seats inbound though may go up to 200. I am interested in recording solutions as we haven't chosen anything yet.

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My company runs IPCC across multiple UK and offshore sites.

We currently have at least 4000+ agents on the platform in 3 different continents. It is a user friendly solution for routing and easy to master.

With the quantity of agents you are looking at you should have no issues.

Regarding your questions re monitoring and recording, this will be dependent on if you are running a hosted IPCC or an Enterprise edition.

You will also need to take into account your data compression ratios and bandwidth.

Unfortunatly this is not my area of speciality on the platform but the CISCO website offers very good support.

I would advise registering so you can download the PDF files on system config, admin etc.

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Hi Paul,

You can look at verint recording solution..heard that they have very good integration with Cisco IPCC.

/ amit

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Yes,Verint is good to work with Cisco IPCC.One more thing you have to consider is upto what extend cisco outbound dialer is good to serve you.Please throughly check whether cisco dialer has all the features you are looking for.

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Call Recording
Hi Paul

In regards to call recording are you looking to record pure voip or traditional TDM

How mission critical is call recording ( the business case )

If you would like to speak off line i would be able to help

With My Regards


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What is IPCC
Can anyone explain me about IPCC. i have searched the google , but not find documnet about IPCC

I know about IPLC but not about IPCC

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IPCC is Cisco's suite of contact centre products.

More info from Cisco here:

I've checked your website - which office are you from?

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