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Kingston Communications

Can anyone help me find a supplier of a customer survey solution. I'm looking for an application that automatically invites customers to take part in a short automated telephone survey following their call into our contact centres. Ideally I'm looking for a hosted solution.

Look forward to your help

Account Manager


Hi Kevin

I would be happy to help you but would need Jonty,s okay to pass you my contact details as the Forums rules do not permit advertising



Managing Consultant


Hi Kevin,

With Jonty's permission, I'd like to flag us as a possible supplier. We provide self-managed hosted solutions, with many of our clients already using surveys in the way you describe.

Contact details are on our web-site.

Regards, Stephen


Call Centre Helper

Yes guys it is fine to put a reply in here. Kevin can get details from your profile if he wants.

I've not come across them persobnally but on file a consultant had suggested to me that a compnay called Mindshare had some software that did post-interaction customer satisfaction surveys with built-in recovery. Not sure if this is online or call based.

Also there is a company called Opinion-8 that operates in this space.

Account Manager


Hi Kevin

You can find me on the Scottish 01324 number on the website that is on my profile

I can then refer you to a solution that could be the answer to your question that comes from a sister company he says trying very hard not to make it sound like an advert.



Business Development


Hi Kevin

I just noticed your request and I was wondering did you manage to find a provider for automated customer surveys?



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