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Our agents use an excel-based macro feedback form to report positive feedback, suggested changes and performance feedback to Team Leaders. A recent agent forum suggested changing the name from 'feedback form' might increase its use, because the word 'feedback' is over-used, and is a bit boring. I clearly need to increase my vocabulary, but in the meantime I have challenged us all to come up with some alternatives for the form. Current suggestions include Talkback Forms, Shootback Forms, Echo Forms or Klaxons, but do any of you have any great title suggestions?

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i agree i often find the term " feedback" negitive.

i like the name echo but how would you you sell that to team leaders and staff?

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Some suggestions for you: You could get your inspiration from some older standard initiatives for performance improvement e.g. TQM or Total Quality Management which was a big thing in the 80's and introduced the term Continuous Improvement to the corporate world. So you could call your form a TQM form. In general people like using acronyms as they are quick to say and role off the tongue. Alternatively you could go for something quirky for a younger audience. You are creating a feedback loop so perhaps 'The Loop Form' or the 'Loopy form'. The second suggestion makes it sound warm and friendly which hopefully will encourage its use. Something more formal but more modern might be 'Performance Innovation Form'.

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