Agent Incentives to Promote Self-Service/Digital

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Agent Incentives to Promote Self-Service/Digital
Does anyone have examples of contact centers that are incentivizing their agents to promote self-service and/or digital options, and if so, can you provide some examples of what they are doing, how they are measured, and if there is any resulting compensation or recognition?


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Hard to measure
A good idea, but it would be hard to measure this.

The only way to do this is through the call recordings. Then you would have to listen to every call. Even with speech analytics this would be difficult, as it is not 100% accurate.

You could build it into the quality score with the question "Did the agent promote self service/ digital options" but this does not always apply to every call and so could get in the way.

Another way would be to offer spot prizes. Listen to a bunch of calls at random and then pick a winner. "Congratulations to Jenny who promoted self service options, she wins today's prize of ..." Make sure it is a good prize and spread the winners around the floor. You could also play the call recording extract in the team meetings.

Do this for two weeks and you would soon have the advisors promoting self service or digital options.

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