Agent Login productivity

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Agent Login productivity

I have just been trying to use the agent login productivity formula, but it just does not seem to be working out.

As per the previous forum the formula was.

ATT - Average Talk Time
AHT = Average Handle Time
AWT = Average Wrap Time

L = Login Hours
P = Productivity
C = Calls


P = ((AHT * C) / (L*3600)) * 100

After applying this, the Productivity is coming to 151% (all above 100%)

Is this right or there is a mistake somewhere.



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I'd check your numbers :-)


I get 35.71%

Seems to be working OK.




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Please check on your number and the conversion you are doing from hours to seconds. That should solve and get you the right numbers



Agent productivity
Thanks Dave for your help. We did eventually figure it out.



Agent Productivity
Just had another question,

Would just like to know how would you determine how efficient is the agent taking the same parameters, Like AHT, No. of calls Taken and login Hrs just to figure out the efficiency of all the agents.

For instance agents taking same no. of calls hence same AHT, a few having a higher AHT. So how do we determine the efficiency of agents with different skills. The login hrs could and could not be uniform through out.





Re; Efficiency, I've not seen this metric used in call centres.

Efficiency is the capability of acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.

The question is what actually is less waste, expense or unneccessary effort in call centre terms?

Do we mean less time taken on calls? ie. reduce average talk time or handle time, less wrap time, or do we mean less waste in terms of repeat calls (this may require an increase in call length), less data entry errors (which may also require and increase in wrap time or training) etc etc. Furthermore any agent efficiency metric must surely have reference to the processes that the agent is engaged with eg is their computer slow, is their keyboard sticky etc?
Generally speaking any reduction in time spent may have an impact on call quality which may actually increase waste, expense or unecessary effort.

>>>So how do we determine the efficiency of agents with different skills?
Based on my answer above you might like to rephrase your question



Agent Efficiency

As per Daves Formula for Agent Productivity, It shows how busy a person has been. I completely agree with your answer that we are just taking about reduction in any one of the metrics. For Eg.

AHT Calls Taken Login Hrs Occupancy
Agent A 12.79 88 1266.04 89%
Agent B 29.88 41 1254.50 98%

A person Taking 41 Calls has a higher Occupancy rate; however the agent taking 88 calls is more productive in terms of metrics. Lets assume both have the same Quality.

Is there a way that we can figure the agent productivity/efficiency/performance.

I understand that there are a lot of factors that need to be considered when it comes to evaluating someone. I was just looking for something like the way we calculate Occupancy to measure efficiency.

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A better question
I agree with everything has said and I would like to go further. He suggests that you are asking the wrong question. I think not only are you asking the wrong question, you are asking a question that will make things worse, not better.

The question you should ask is, "How effectively is the system of work delivering against customer purpose?"

If you ask that question, you will find that all measures of agent "efficiency" fall away as not only useless, but detrimental to doing a better job.



>>Is there a way that we can figure the agent productivity/efficiency/performance.

Productivity - is the question you asked Dave earlier - this metric is very common in call centres
Efficiency - is never asked
Performance - is measured using productivity figures, quality figures (monitoring, customer feedback and mystery shopping), sales figures, conversion rates, CPH, ASA etc etc.

So to take your question in more detail...
>>>>A person Taking 41 Calls has a higher Occupancy rate; however the agent taking 88 calls is more productive in terms of metrics. Lets assume both have the same Quality.

No, the agent taking 88 calls is taking more calls, the calls might be rubbish, they could be cutting people off etc etc. Occupancy has no quality metric attached to it. It is simply a measure of how busy the agent is - not how much quality they are putting into their work. Quality is measured by different parameters eg. monitoring, cust feedback and mystery shopping. You cant combine occupancy rates and quality metrics or productivity rates and quality metrics.

>Is there a way that we can figure the agentproductivity/efficiency/performance.

You see this is a poor question to ask becuase although an agent might have a high productivity rate (and apparently 'work' harder)this may be at the expense of quality.
You cannot measure quality and quantity adequately in one equation, they are very different parameters that dont mix.

I also agree with Rob. Its much better to examine how well your processes and systems are delivering against customer purpose. It doesnt really matter how productive your agents are if it takes 90 days to post the item they require.

How to calculate average login hours
I have 8 agents in my team. i want to calculate their login hour average for a month. I applied a formula : numbers of working hours(complete month) of each agents divided by total number of agents.

Is it correct?


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At team level that would be correct
At team level, total number of hours worked/ divided by the number of team members. But this does not factor in part timers.

How to calculate productivity by month
How to find productivity for agent per month
Can i have the formula . For me already have ( Total call & AHT & ACW & Total talk time and working hours).

How to measure the productivity

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