Agent Name Appearing twice in Reports

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Agent Name Appearing twice in Reports
I have a CMS report that is displaying the agents name twice. I cannot figure out why. Can anyone help?

Sounds like a designer or custom report issue
Hi Robert, the only reason I can think for this happening is in a designer or custom report. In a custom report, you usually add a field called "LOGID" which represents the agent's login ID. Sometimes this is added twice, once to show the ID and once to show the name. Which one is shown depends on the format of the report. If you open the report in designer mode, right click on the table, and select "Format Table". The format tab in the window which appears shows a list of all of the fields which are added to the report - you need to find something like "LOGID". The "Show Value As" column will let you change from Number to Name.

Hope this helps you.

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