Agent productivity Formula

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Agent productivity Formula
Kindly advise on widely used agent productivity formula and what is the acceptable target of industrial standard????


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Answer for Agent productivity Formula
I think that what you are asking is Maximum Agent Occupancy.

Occupancy is Handle Time/ Total time and typically should not be much higher than 85%. If you go higher than this you get agent burn out and Average Handling Time, Hold Time and Wrap up time / After Call work (ACW) will all increase.

See section 5 of this article.

Outbound production calculation
Have a new manager who came up with the calculation to measure productivity based on total number of dials x aht/60 equals production. I have never seen this and don't agree. Any calculations for outbound production?


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How to measure productivity
That formula is wrong. That is factory logic and does not factor in the random arrival of calls.

Take a read of this article.

Agent Productivity
Occupancy, Productivity & Utilization...

What is the meaning of each one and how do we calculate them?


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The difference between Occupancy, Productivity & Utilization

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