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Hi everyone,

I’m a graphic designer learning User Experience area and I’m working on a Contact Center agent’s workplace. I’m trying to understand what is important to agents and what annoys them most in current solutions, what they wish they had at their fingertips but they don’t and all other user experience data in CC agent’s day to day work.

I’ve arranged a couple of face to face interviews and here’s what I extracted from them:

Agent’s work is a lot of muscle memory. That means that all UI elements should have distinct size and spacing so that nothing will be accidentally misclicked when you’re not really watching.
A lot of current programs have problems fitting everything that is needed on one screen and try to deal with this problem in not ideal ways, such as hiding some stuff behind extra clicks and sacrificing font size and spacing.

To reiterate on previous statement, font size is usually too small and it is very important to have it clearly and quickly readable, it should be as large as possible in reasonable limits. Same goes for input fields.

Agent’s software often lacks hotkeys making it slower to navigate, dropdown lists lack typeahead so you have to use mouse to select what you need.

Post call processing time is often being cut to the minimum or even zero and there is no way to really do after call processing, other than stacking this work for your break time. Some optimization here would really be appreciated.

Data fetching from CRMs and databases could be really slow and that compromises overall experience by lot.

If anybody here could share his thoughts with me that would really help me out a lot. Do you have comments on the points stated above? Do you want to complain about something software related that agents have to face during their work? Anything you keep wishing you had? Anything you feel great about your favorite software? Share anything that comes to your head and let’s have a discussion.

i am very much felt & appreciate all the pain-points from 1 to 4, which i termed them as 'internal : look, feel and use'.

most of the time, i wish the ''designer'' can test drive their own screens/process-step before introducing to the floor/users : ie. eat your own cookies.

i normally nominate a super-user to work hand-in hand with the designer, if possible.

for point 5 & 6, i called them as 'external : pains that kill'; mostly due to poor acw and system response and your called is fully ''in the same boat with you''

such delays create significant negative experience and feedback everytime the users and caller use your system and service.

designing is one thing; using it efficiently is another thing; using it effectively in front of your customer is yet another thing !

Using it effectively in front of the customer is the end goal, I suppose. There's no point to look fancy and effective if it doesn't work "in the field". What do you think hurts most when you come from theory to practice? My plan is to put user needs first and aestetics second and of course I will do the user testing of my concepts when I have them.

personally, user needs based on business process/logics should be the/a good starting point.

the worse pain-point to me is the poor interfaces between db/systems/process - especially those < fetch and show > ( eg. entitlement, last call action-plan, last RMA details, quoted-prices ) - if it's accurate and complete, I may still buy/accept it ( reluctantly with tweaking to be done quickly ) ; else - you can bet it will be snail-paced slow, user dread to use it; caller get agitated .... and eventually ended up with more repeat calls, failed action plan, aban% shot up ... poor morale and what have you....

Thank you YN Lee, that is very helpful, I will try to focus on these aspects and talk with the backend guys to see how data exchange can be optimized. If anybody else could through their 2 cents in, I would really appreciate it.

do pilot/s, start small, stay focused, keep open and clear communications. gain traction, earn confidence and get buy in; you will be good.

all the best.

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