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AI/Chatbot services
Do you use any AI/Chatbot services to filter out queries/redirect to self service tools before a ticket is created? Do you have any recommendations/ones to avoid?
We have a large resource of information available to customers to self help and would rather steer clear of the heavily limited bots. I've been looking at different companies websites and testing a few queries with bots but they seem to be easily confused.
Thanks in advance


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Better navigation and search
It strikes me that most chat bots are just simple conversational search engines.

Instead you would perhaps be better employed putting a search box in the middle of the screen across your key pages.

You also need to make all of the self service tools as visible as possible to the search engines such as Google and Bing. A good way to do this is to have a series of articles based around the key terms that the customer would type in that gives details of the links to the tools and also maybe text and screenshots that show the type of information that they can expect to receive.

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