Am I the only one who does not get Facebook?

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Am I the only one who doesn't get Facebook?

I have a Facebook profile and a number of friends. I go onto it, but I never seem to find anything that I want to say.

And by the look of it, it's the same with most of my friends?

Am I missing something?

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Hi Jonty , Well said , I do feel the same here , however in FB you find things which are exaggerated and framed ! or you need to be really creative for friends to say something on it

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I find Facebook is a good networking tool and a call centre is a great example of a place where having Facebook can be handy.

When I first joined Facebook, I found i was able to find out a bit more about people I worked with such as if they have families, their background and their hobbies and interests.

I always used to say hello to one of the guys from the IT department at the coffee machine, but when I became friends on Facebook, I saw that we shared the same taste in music. This gave us some common ground and we were able to have more conversations. This also helped me get my IT issues sorted quicker!

I've found it's a good way to find common ground with people you'd otherwise not speak to much.

I hope that's given an insight!


I only use it to send private messages to people who refuse to be contactable

by any other media....

I really really don't care if you're having 'cheesy chips' for dinner, if the cat's

just been sick on the baby. I don't want to be tagged, poked, liked,not liked, farmvilled, friended or de-friended.

I am not a profile, I am a free man!



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Ouch seems like I touched a raw nerve.

@DaddyM - Some good feedback there. I've not thought of it as a way of connecting the call centre together.

Apologies to Patrick McGoohan

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I must agree with applebyd though, I hate it when people publish their entire life on there:

12.15pm - John Smith is feeling a bit peckish

12.17pm - John Smith has decided to have beans on toast

12.23pm - John Smith is waiting for his beans to cook

12.27pm - John Smith is enjoying some yummy beans on toast

12.34pm - John Smith has finished his lunch and will now wash up...


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I have never bothered setting up a profile on the site.

It's a site that really annoys me and I really don't understand the fuss!?

People seem to live their lives on it these days just updating their status to let people know what they had for lunch and other pointless things nobody really cares about!


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I'm amazed that John Smith did not have a glass of John Smith's to wash it down with.

I am only on face book to keep a track on what my daughters are doing on there.

I am like so many of you who cares if Debroah Jones is "In a Relationship" or Fred is having coffee right now.

As I send most of my day in front of a monitor I can not be a@#$ spending my free time doing the same. I have a few real friends if we want to catch up we do so over a beer and or meal. How can you be "freinds" with someone you have not meet, you have to see the whites of their eyes to make that call.

FYI Daddy John Smith is a friend of mine and the beans on toast were yumnmy :):):):):):):)

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