Approving annual leave in peak periods

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Approving annual leave in peak periods
Hi all.. I'm new to this and just have a question about the procedure that others are using to approve staff taking leave during peak periods. What is the process you use and what works well. Eg. Everyone wants the Christmas period. How do you approve who is eligible? 


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Answer for Approving annual leave in peak periods
Generally speaking if you can approve annual leave during peak periods, then that can be a great retention tool. But this is not always possible.

There are a combination of methods that have proven to work.
1. Pay more during difficult periods. Some companies pay a premium for difficult to cover periods, so double pay for a public or bank holiday, 25% extra for a Sunday etc.
2. Provide priority for families during the school holidays.
3. Banked or annualised hours provide an ability for people to build up "overtime" during busy periods of the year and spend them during quiet periods. There is an article here that gives information on how it works.
4. Provide annual leave in hours not days
5. Let the team divide up their holidays. A remarkably effective solution is to let the teamdecide on their own holiday rota. If you have a team of say 10 people, set a rule that says that no more than 2 people can be off during busy periods. The team will then decide amongst themselves how they will manage this. What tends to happen is that people say, if I can take this week then I can provide cover for this week.
6. Bring in temporary staff to cover the gaps.

There are probably more options than I have listed here.

Answer for Approving annual leave in peak periods
Thanks Jonty. That does help.
on another note, what is the best calculation to use to allow the correct amount of staff off on annual leave at one time without negative impacts on service level? What are all the factors that you would need to take into consideration to base this on such us call volumes, previous data, current FTE etc.
Basically I am trying to work out if we have scope to allow extra staff off during peak periods. Our current allowance is the same number regardless of the time of year, however with a little more investigation, I feel our numbers could increase or even decrease.
Thanks in advance.  


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Answer for Approving annual leave in peak periods
The only calculation that I can think of would be to use an Erlang Calculation where you put in the historic and forecast levels. You can then work out how many staff that you need. You may be able to adjust the shrinkage levels across the year.
Here is our online version.

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