Are transferred calls normally counted in KPIs?

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Are transferred calls normally counted in KPIs?
Currently, we do not count transferred calls in our call center metrics. We are now being asked to include them. Is this a normal practice?

Are transferred calls normally counted in KPIs?
Hi Helen, We add Transferred calls into our team metrics because allows us to determine if the reps are properly managing calls. Did they simply let the user drive the call? Should the call have been transferred? Was it a low priority issue that could have been simply created as a ticket placed into the appropriate queue? It's important to ensure the rep is managing the calls. As calls come into your ACD, the ability to minimize transfers allows the technicians to actively work to resolve tickets. This directly impacts the ability to get to and handle priority tickets.

Careful about double counting
One thing I would be careful is double counting of calls as depending on the way your switch reports you could end up reporting the call in both the starting and ending department. Agree with Lovie that it is a good thing to keep an eye on as it could highlight training opportunities as well as issues with your IVR.

Suitability of KPI's
There is an interesting question about whether the number of calls transferred is a KPI or not. It very much depend upon whether transferring calls is a key indicator of performance or not. Whilst most would probably say no, it may be the way in which the number of calls resolved at the first point of contact is measured, for some this is a KPI.

My stance for many years is that a set of KPI's should be specific for that business. It is too easy to use a generic set which may well miss the point that you are trying to measure.

I agree with Aaron that you need to be careful not to double count.

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