Are you still using 80/20

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Are you still using 80/20
I run a small inbound call center, and am looking to move away from 80/20 due to call length and cost. What metrics are you using? is anyone prepared to share their metrics, not performance against them. Particularity interested in anyone working for utilities companies or Housing Associations

We've changedn to q 80% in a minute
We used to run to 80% calls in 20 seconds and 80% emails in an hour.

This was easily achieved to the point no calls abandon outside peak and pre covid. We were 400 calls a day, we're now around 1000 calls a day since covid. (i work for a stay cation business)

Realistically due to the sheer growth in volumes, the extra resource required to hit it was huge and too big a cost staffing wise and a big training requirement. When we looked at our average time to abandon when we were busy it was around 3 to 4 minutes, and with covid even longer as customers expecatations changed.

Now we have our SLA we must hit which is 80% call in 1 minute, and our dream target which is still the 80/20 for bragging rights in SMT meetings (but that is all it is)If we are that low at moment, we'd probably move staff to target our huge amount of emails.

I think its important to match up your SLA with your customer expectations as you could find yourself chasing a target at major strain for your staff and your managemnt/ops teams, when actually your customers don't mind waiting a bit longer if they're going to get good service and not feel rushed to get off the phone.

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