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ASA assistance
Hello. I’m trying to determine the asa based on the following parameters but am struggling with my confidence in my process. What would be the ASA if 3500 calls daily were distributed equally between 44 intervals (15 minute intervals, 8am-7pm) and an ANT of 450 seconds. When I do the math, I’m getting 115 seconds. Can someone confirm please?


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What is the service level?
If the calls were arranged evenly (very, very unlikely) you would get 80 calls per 15 minutes.
15 minutes is 900 seconds, so if you get 80 calls per 15 seconds, the average call arrival rate is 11.5 seconds. - but this is not the same as the Average Speed of Answer.

Also I presume that ANT is a type of you mean AHT (Average Handling Time).

You have not said what your service level is or how many agents you have. So you need to feed it into an Erlang calculator.

This will then tell you how many advisors you need and the average speed of answer.

You can see the equation for the average speed of answer in the Erlang Formula.

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