Aspect eWFM and Avaya

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Aspect eWFM and Avaya
Hi, does anyone know how to set up eWFM to recognise certain states of Aux as logouts. For example: At the moment when I go into ACD data editor and select agent productivity data it will give me the login/out times for each of the agents.
Name ACD Group ID Sign in time Sign out time
John, Peter 101 07:00 15:30

I want this to also recognise when the agents go into Aux for their breaks or training etc. It would look a bit like this.

Name ACD Group ID Sign in time Sign out time
John, Peter 101 07:00 09:30
John, Peter 101 09:45 11:30
John, Peter 101 12:00 13:45
John, Peter 101 14:00 15:30

The data comes from Avaya so I presume eWFM gets all the data, or would I need to get Avaya to send across more info?


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Re: Aspect eWFM and Avaya
Hi Greg,

Depending on the version of eWFM you have installed, you can have the effects of AUX codes considered in the signed in time for the agent productivity reports. This means that the signed in time shown in the availability reports will only consider the actual signed in time and will not include time spent in aux codes. Currently it sounds like the signed in time considers total signed in time, including time spent in aux codes.

TO have this feature enabled, you will need to contact Aspect support to enable the AP Listen feature. They will need to make some changes on the RTA server and on the application server. This would involve some downtime. This feature will then take the real time state information sent from Avaya CMS to the RTA server and will send a daily AP Listen report to be used for the agent productivity module. This would then replace the login_out report which is currently being sent by Avaya CMS for the agent productivity module.

Please note, however, that you will not be able to see in eWFM what aux codes people signed out for during the day. This will need to retrieved using the alarm summary report in RTA or from CMS directly.

I hope this information is of help, but please contact me if you need any further information.



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