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Aspect eWFM
Hi there,
I am currently working with a client that uses eWFM version 5 point something... I am not 100% familiar with the product as yet and would like to get my hands on an instruction manual for the product if possible (user guide, configuration manual, etc.) Does anyone have any idea as to where I might be able to get electronic copies of this info? If it's public domain, perhaps someone could email me a copy?
Thanks in advance!



I am the proud owner of a TCS Series 5 CBT (v1.1) - Lucky me!!!

Give them a call they might still have some knocking around...



email address
Hi Marianne,

If you are able to email me the manual it would be greatly appreciated.



J & P Design

Hi everyone,

I too am a call centre consultant who as part of my work deal with aspect workforce management users but i have no manual. Could one be sent to me as well please????????

Network Engineer

Access Unlimited

Please send me the docs on the Workforce management as well Please
I have a customer that has workforce management and I'm going in blind. Please send me the any docs you may have so that I can get a better understanding on what Im looking at ...
Thanks so much ..



eWFM Manuals
I seem to remember that eWFM (and other Aspect) manuals are available on Aspect's website. You need to register to use their 'e-services' to get at them, for which you need to be a customer. Plenty of other bits there too.



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Hi Marianne Marrou
<p>Hi Marianne Marrou,
I am working in a call centre who has lately implemented Aspect E-WFM, where can i find respective data which could help me in learning about different functionalities in forecasting and scheduling, etc., If you have a manual could you please forward the same me.
Awaiting your reply.



Hi Marianne
Could you send me the manual as well

It would be much appreciated!!


Ewfm 8.1 user manual
I need a copy of user manual or someone to guide me through how to create a open trade

EWFM User Manual

I'm hoping that a good hearted soul will share a EWFm User Mnaual.

ASPECT Schedule alarms
What does the * that appears next to a schedule alarm in Aspect RTA V6 mean?

can I create a report for the Occupancy for a call center ?
How and where can I get a report for "Occupancy" in ewfm or wfo ?

Colins moved on from...
Colins moved on from Aspect so won't be able to assist now I'm afraid.
Don't know who would be their primary contact anymore


Call Centre Helper

Thanks for the Info We will contact Aspect after Xmas
Thanks for the Info.

We will contact Aspect after Xmas.

In the mean time it may be worth contacting Dave Vernon of Aspect.

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