Aspect eWFM Troubleshooting

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Aspect eWFM
I have been working with a client who uses eWFM but have not worked with that earlier, if anyone has a manual on the same can you please get back to on the same as it would be of great help.



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Is that an IBM solution?
Is that an IBM solution?


Dechaine Consulting Inc

If it is and you search for "aspect" you may find more information.


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Aspect eWFM
Justin it is not an IBM Solution

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Aspect eWFM 6.4
hi! does anyone happen to have a manual on topic as written on the subject? :) would really appreciate it.

thank you much!

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Aspect eWFM
Can anyone send me a copy of Aspect eWFM 6.4v user manual?

Thanks in advance

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Try here
I would suggest you look here

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Scheduling Team Meetings
Hello everyone, I’m a eWFM new user, and I need to schedule a lot of things for every agent. For example, agents need to have a 1 on 1 coaching session per agent per week and a team meeting per team per week.
I have to have into consideration the IDP’s and the fact that the team meeting should be carried out when most of the team members are present and the team pleader is present too.

Is there any kind of application that will allow me to do it automatically?



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Scheduling Offline Activities in eWFM
Within the tracking function there is a meeting and project optimiser.
The meeting optimiser allows you to assign numerous advisors to one activity the other allows you to assign the same activity many times to the same advisor for example 121's.

I'm not using eWFM any more so can't talk you through it step by step as it's not in front of me.

I do however remember that although it does take into account intraday performance, we found it easier to key manually and where possible get into schedules.

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