Aspect UIP - Custom Routing/M3 script/Abandons

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Aspect UIP - Custom Routing/M3 script/Abandons
Hi there,

We are currently trying to integrate our product with Aspect UIP for custom routing and it needs to be integrated with Aspect UIP 6.6 and 7.0 - for this integration, we have integrated with the software using Aspect M3 Script server's Hook DLL feature.

However, we are running into a problem and aren't able to proceed forward. It's the way Aspect has implemented their M3 script server which absolutely makes no sense and I have no idea what the engineers at Aspect were get at!

Every single OB call that is dialed by the automate dialer and is connected to M3 script server is considered a "Connect" by the dialer. Ergo, it's pacing algorithm as well we all OB reports being generated will always see 100% Connects and 0% Abandons, which is absurd. Is there something that we are doing wrong and are completely out of whack or Aspect didn't think through before extending M3 Script server solution?

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.

Thank you



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I was hoping that someone out here would be able to provide some guidance or tips regarding the dilemma we are facing! Calling all Aspect experts!



Any Aspect UIP Specialists out there . . . ?
Hi everyone - I'm just wondering if there are any Aspect UIP specialists out there looking to work as a consultant. If you are one or know any, please share contact details



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Is there any reason they configured the outbound traffic to route through an M3 script?



RE: Re Mc Mc
Yes - needed to integrate custom logic through a Hook Dll.

It appears that regardless of IB or OB - any call sent to M3 script server is considered a "Connect" even if it is abandoned while in queue or before it's connected to an agent

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