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Hello Folks,

I've been lurking this site for quite some time now, and I believe it's about time I seek help.

I used to be an workforce analyst intern in a contact center that handles a multi-skilled inbound voice and email program.

It sparked a lot of interest in me to pursue a career in WFM. Unfortunately it ended prematurely.

I've searched the web, hoping to find articles, webinars, tutorials, and guides about WFM. I did find a lot of things, however they weren't informative enough at my current level, as I'm still a novice.

ICMI offers a WFM Bootcamp, I need something similar to it, albeit free.

Can you folks help me out, I hope I'm not asking too much?

If you're interested, I'm very eager to provide additional details.

Thank you!!!

Thanks GuyBSL.

Very informative.

I'm watching the Best Practice Interview Techniques video, pretty interesting.

However, I'm looking for something in particular. But I'm doubtful it's freely available on the web.

It's a guide on how to create forecasts, generate schedules, manage the queue, etc. , complete with methods and simple formulas that I can make on a worksheet.

Well, just to share a couple of things as to why I'm seeking help. I'm fairly familiar with the concepts behind the WFM process. It's 'application' part that I lack. I have experienced generating schedules, real-time management, forecasting etc. but only to a certain extent since I was only an intern at the time.

All that being said, I took a gamble and applied for a Workforce Analyst post, specifically with Real-Time Management. Got interviewed, it went well, then I took an exam, that didn't go as expected.

It asked me to generate a monthly call volume forecast based on the historical data. Create a report with an in-depth analysis based on a center's previous performance, service-level-wise. Generate the agents' metrics based on the ACD data. and more...

God I felt so awful. Anyway, now I'm back to give it one more try. :)

You can get a book called Call Center Management on Fast Forward from Amazon. It will give you all the fundamentals and certainly enough knowledge to pass a test and get an entry level position (I actually read it while I was a Program Manager because my WFM team was struggling. The next thing I know I am the UK WFM manager for the same company and my career has only gone on from there.

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