Assessment Test for Resource Planning Analyst

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Resource Planning Analyst

I run a small contact centre - inbound customer service and we are just looking to hire our first resource planning analyst.

Having not recruited someone like this previously I am looking to get a bit of help/guidance.

The call centre is about 50 heads and we are only doing very basic resource planning currently. We are hiring this position to make us far better but also to let the team leaders focus on their teams.

I am confident of interviewing and hiring candidates based on our culture and values but for this position I need some technical capability that I don't have the experience to assess easily.

I was hoping someone could give me some background on how to assess these technical skills and what would be ideal is if anyone has a technical test that they could share? I was thinking of giving the candidates some data and asking them to review it, give their thoughts and present back their findings? if anyone has anything like this they could share I would be really grateful




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An Excel test
A good interview question would be "What are the basic calculations and data required to run a day to day inbound call centre."

An excel test would be a good idea.

Possibly something around forecasting or data fitting.

Maybe give them a number of points and ask them to do a line of best fit.

Maybe ask them to explain how you break down trend and seasonality.

If you have 3 years of monthly data, perhaps give them this in a spreadsheet and ask them to forecast the next 6 months.

They can do this by any method they want. Also provide them with graph paper, pencils, eraser and a bendy ruler as well as access to a computer with internet connection. Give them a maximum of 30 minutes.

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