Automated Payment Customer Uptake

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Automated Payment Customer Uptake
We've recently released an automated self service payment line into the contact centre.
We're reviewing usage and customer drops outs and trying to continuously improve the service.
I'm wondering what good looks like, we're working on a conversion of calls to payment.
Is there an industry guide on what conversion we should target or expect?


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There is no standard figure for this
Sorry but there is no standard figure for this. It all depends upon how well you market it, how easy it is to use, whether when you do manual payments you tell the customer that there is a better option etc.

What would be better is to plot the trends and look very closely at where people abandon in the system and the error messages that they receive. It may be worth contacting the abandons afterwards to see if they have any feedback on how to improve the system.

Also don't forget to ask your front line advisors how things could be improved or if they can see any problems in the process.

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