Automated Voice Payments in the Contact Centre

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Automated Voice Payments

Its been a while since i was involved in the implementation of Fluency as an automated card payment system and i have found out they have since been taken over by Syntellect.

I am obviously a bit out of touch with the goings on in that area, so does anyone have any recommendations as to which providers i should be looking at?

I'm already of the opinion that a hosted solution will probably be the preferred one due the volumes involved.

Please no canvassers.

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Hosted IVR
Hi William

Would a hosted IVR solution be of some interest

I have heard of a company that provides this for a utilities company where payments are taken this way , I think is is quite a sizable one

What type of business are you



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John, sorry i'm not sure what you mean by IVR solution?

With Fluency it was primarily intended to be a automated system recognising voice to take the payments, though it would fall back to manual keying and finally connect to an agent if all else failed.

It would then package all the transactions for processing at the card processor and also to write back to the in-house databases in order to log the transaction on the CRM etc.

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Automated Voice Payments
Hi William

Fluency were integrated into the Syntellect business a couple of years ago, Syntellect are one of the leading providers of self service solutions in the UK.

You can get other solutions from companies like Avaya and Cisco however if you were to use a Syntellect solution it would be an independant solution which could be integrated into your exsisting network, other solutions like the voice portals are generaly used by specific manufacturers, so it would depend what you were integrating the solution with.

Please have a look at our website as we have a section dedicated to self service.

Any questions give me a call, CCT are a partner with Syntellect and have deployed automated card payment solutions in the past.

My number is 0117 311 5803.


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