Automating Call Distribution to 2 BPOs/Outsourcers

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Automating Call Distribution to 2 BPOs/Outsourcers
I currently have 2 outsourcers and want to set up an automated call distribution, so virtual call centre without investing in any tech. I am working with both and my telephone provider (cloud based) but wanted to know what the best metrics would be to use. The split isn't as easy as 50/50 unfortunately so want to route on best answer rate taking into account availability at each site, speed of answer or min wait time. Does anyone have any advice of what metric is best to use to make the routing decisions taking into account both busy and quiet times, and in particular have had experience in this before.... thanks


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It depends upon your supplier
The best decision depends upon what your supplier can offer.

I have seen it with a percentage split that is offered - say 60% to Supplier A and 40% to Supplier B.

At the end of the month the quality scores get measured and the one that has the better quality gets a higher number of calls.

Don't do it just on speed of answer. It is more important to do it on customer satisfaction or quality scores.

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